Storage Conditions and Care of Cored Electrodes

  1. Product in its original, unopened package should be stored in a dry location, away from driven rain or snow.
  2. For critical applications where tight hydrogen control is required it is recommended that the product be ordered in hermetically sealed packages.
  3. Product that has been removed from its original packaging should be returned to its original packaging when not in use.
  4. Unpacked product that requires hydrogen control should be stored in an insulated container at a minimum temperature of 110F and a maximum relative humidity of 50%. Do not exceed 250F (see item 6).
  5. Product that has been removed from its original packaging may pickup moisture if left exposed to high levels of humidity for a day or more. This moisture pickup will increase weld metal diffusible hydrogen levels. It can also cause the formation of gas trails (AKA "worm tracks") on the surface of the weld bead.
  6. Product that has picked up moisture can be partially reconditioned by baking in an oven. Fiber spools, wire frame spools and coils without liners should be baked for 8-10 hours at 220-250F. Product on plastic spools should not be placed in the oven.
  7. All Select-Arc products carry a one year warranty from date of shipment.