Terms and Conditions of Sale

1. Terms

Net 30 days. Remit payment to the address listed on the invoice.

2. Pricing

Prices take effect at the time the order is entered providing the requested shipping date is within 30 days of the date of the order. Alloy surcharges may be added for specific electrode products. Prices do not include taxes and are subject to the addition of any and all taxes which Select-Arc, Inc. may be required by law to pay or collect by reason of the sale, purchase or use of the electrodes listed.

3. Minimum Order Policy

All orders require a $100.00 minimum order except government orders. A flat fee of $25.00 will be added for orders under $100.00.

4. Shipping Policy

All products are sold F.O.B. shipping point. Select-Arc will select F.O.B. point of shipment, route, and method of payment. Should customer specify point of shipment, route or method of shipment, additional expense incurred will be charged to the customer; or at Select-Arc’s discretion, shipment may be sent collect (or freight added to invoice) and all freight charges billed to customer

All shipments are F.O.B. shipping point, with freight prepaid and allowed for shipment to one destination in the continental United States providing they meet the requirements listed below:

4.1 Prepaid Freight Qualification

  1. Orders totaling 2,000 lbs. or more of any combined electrodes.
  2. Orders totaling 500 lbs. or more of stainless products only.
  3. Combined orders totaling 500 lbs. or more of stainless products and 1,500 lbs. of other products.

Select-Arc maintains the right to vary from these freight terms for products sold below standard distributor prices.

4.2 Reporting Freight Damage

4.2.1 Freight Damage

If noted at the time of delivery, please mark “DAMAGE” or “POSSIBLE DAMAGE” on the delivery receipt. This will indicate to the carrier that a possible claim is pending on the shipment. Request an inspection by the carrier. Usually a carrier will not do an inspection unless the value of the shipment is over $400.00. We encourage you to accept the damaged shipment and settle the claim directly with the carrier. If this is not possible, then a RETURN AUTHORIZATION will have to be issued and the shipment returned for credit, repair, and claim. You will need a copy of the delivery receipt marked “DAMAGE” to attach to the claim for the carrier.

4.2.2 Concealed Damage

Must be reported to the carrier within 15 days of the delivery, or the carrier by law is not liable. Make a note of whom you talked to and the date the damage was reported. Request an inspection by the carrier. This information needs to be included on the claim form when presented to the carrier.

If a customer needs assistance in filing a freight claim, call Select-Arc at 800-341-5215.

4.3 Reporting Damaged UPS Shipments

  • Contact the local UPS agent and report the damage.
  • UPS will do one of two things:
    • UPS will issue a call tag for the damaged cartons.
    • Depending on the $ value of the shipment, UPS may send someone to do a personal inspection of the damaged material.
  • UPS should issue an LDI number for each damaged carton and send a hard copy to you.
  • Select-Arc must file the claim for the damage. Be sure to list each LDI number for each carton.
  • UPS DAMAGE, needs to be listed on a delivery slip when signing for packages. If damage is noted after delivery, call UPS to report the damage. UPS will not honor the claim for the damage if they have a “SIGNED CLEAR DELIVERY” slip for the package

The above procedure should be followed for each damaged shipment. For assistance, call Select-Arc at 800-341-5215.

5. Warranty

Select-Arc warrants all electrodes to be free from defects in material and workmanship for ONE YEAR from date of shipment. This warranty is invalid if material is not properly maintained. Electrodes/wire may rust if not kept dry. Select-Arc cannot take responsibility for product that rusts from exposure after leaving our facilities.

As Select-Arc has no control over selection of type, procedure, or quality control used by the customer, the only liability to the seller shall be to replace any electrodes which have failed due to
defective material or workmanship as described by the performance standards of the American Welding Society with respect to such electrodes. Notification of any defective materials should be made to the seller immediately upon detection of defect.

By not complying with this policy, the seller makes no warranty, expressed or implied, in fact, or in law, in regard to replacement electrodes referred to above. The seller shall not be under obligation or liability for any direct, indirect or consequential damages arising from any failures or workmanship or for any warranty or representation not expressly set forth above.

6. Defective Material

Under no circumstances will products be received at factory or other distribution centers without prior written authorization from Select-Arc.

  • Authorization will not be considered unless full operating parameters are received to include current range, voltage, base metal, thickness, welding position and anything unique to the application.
  • Return a sample of the allegedly defective material. One box, one coil, one spool unopened from lot and heat in question as indicated by weight on the Return Goods Authorization (RGA) sheet.
  • Any material received in condition not suitable for immediate weld testing and evaluation will be rejected and the claim closed.

7. Surplus Stock and Ordering Errors

Under no circumstances will products be received at factory without prior written authorization from Select-Arc.

  • Any request for return must be received within six months from date of shipment. The original invoice number must be included.
  • Product must be a standard, non-special product. Obsolete or discontinued items will not be considered. Select-Arc will determine credit for the return.
  • All material must be salable as new upon receipt at factory. There will be a restocking charge of 25% of the original net invoice plus product must be shipped prepaid. Any repackaging or extraordinary costs incurred by Select-Arc will be applicable against the return. The original invoice number must be indicated.
  • All returned goods are to be shipped F.O.B. Fort Loramie, Ohio and packaged to prevent damage in transit.
  • Test material, if authorized, for return and meets above criteria, will only be credited at invoice price not to include test charges.

8. Administrative Returns

Returning materials such as shipping errors are administrative in nature. However, a written authorization must be obtained for proper identifications

9. Cancellations

In the event of a cancellation of an order or any portion thereof by a buyer prior to shipment and subject to being a standard product, no cancellation charges will be assessed.

  • Any standard product which a carrier has received will be handled as an order error return. Any charges involved for the return of material will be for the customer’s account.
  • Cancellation will not be allowed on any item which is not standard or not found on the published price list in effect at the time of order entry, unless material has not yet been produced.

10. Educational Discount

When an authorized Select-Arc distributor sells Select-Arc electrode products to a non-profit educational facility, a credit is available to the distributor. The credit will be calculated by multiplying the pounds of product sold by the applicable credit amount indicated below:

Product TypeCredit Amount Per Pound
Stainless and Hardsurfacing$.35
All Others$.12

To qualify for the credit, the distributor must submit a copy of the distributor’s invoice within 90 days of the transaction date. Following receipt of these documents, Select-Arc will issue a credit to the distributor’s account.