SelectWear NiBWC

Hardsurfacing / Flux Cored / Gas Shielded


  • Tungsten carbide particles in a nickel-silicon-boron matrix
  • The nickel-silicon-boron matrix provides a high toughness matrix system for the tungsten carbide particles
  • Provides excellent abrasion resistance along with good corrosion resistance and moderate impact resistance
  • Can be welded at very low heat inputs, preserving the integrety of the tungsten carbide particles
  • Hot wear hardness up to 900f

Standard Diameters

in (mm)
  • 1/16 (1.6)

Welding Positions

Flat and Horizontal

Shielding Gas

  • 75% Ar/25% CO₂
    Flow Rate: 40 – 50 CFM


Direct Current Electrode Positive (DCEP)


Matrix: 40-45 HRC, Tungsten Carbide: >70HRC

Shielding Gas B C Ni Si W
75% Ar/25% CO₂ 1.0 2.4-3 Bal. 2.2 38-45

Packaging (lbs (kg))

33 (15) Spools, 60 (27.2) Coils, 500 (226.8) Round Drum, 800 (362.9) Hex Drum, 900 (408.2) Hex Drum

*Some packaging options may not be available depending on diameter and product. Special package options may be available upon request.