SelectAlloy 316LT0-3

Stainless Steel / Flux Cored / Self Shielded


  • Low C, < 0.04 wt%, minimizes carbide precipitation (sensitization) which makes the weld metal more resistant to intergranular corrosion.
  • The addition of Mo improves resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion compared to type 308 stainless steel.
  • Designed for welding in either the flat or horizontal position where gas-shielding is not possible.
  • Arc transfer is globular, with low spatter, and resulting bead is flat and well washed with a fine ripple surface.
  • Applications for this alloy type include welding in the pulp and paper industry, chemical and textile processing equipment, furnace parts and in parts exposed to marine environments. Alloy types for welding include 316 stainless and similar alloys, such as A743 and A744 as well as CF-3M and CF-8M.

Standard Diameters

in (mm)
  • 0.045 (1.2)
  • 1/16 (1.6)
  • 3/32 (2.4)

Welding Positions

Flat and Horizontal

Shielding Gas

  • N/A


    Direct Current Electrode Positive (DCEP)


  • ASME SFA 5.22
    • E316LT0-3
  • AWS A5.22
    • E316LT0-3
    Shielding Gas C Cr Cu Mn Mo N Ni P S Si WRC-1992 Ferrite
    N/A 0.02 19.30 0.16 1.75 2.80 0.11 13.40 0.02 <0.01 0.68 5
    Bismuth is not intentionally added and is not known to be at levels greater than 0.002 wt%

    Packaging (lbs (kg))

    33 (15) Spools, 60 (27.2) Coils, 500 (226.8) Round Drum, 800 (362.9) Hex Drum, 900 (408.2) Hex Drum

    *Some packaging options may not be available depending on diameter and product. Special package options may be available upon request.