SelectAlloy 316L-AP_LNG

Stainless Steel / Flux Cored / Gas Shielded


  • Specially formulated to produce good weld metal toughness via strict weld metal chemical composition control.
  • Resulting deposited ferrite is consistently between 3-7 FN when measured either by predictive methods or using magnetic induction methods.
  • Low C, < 0.04 wt%, minimizes carbide precipitation (sensitization) which makes the weld metal more resistant to intergranular corrosion.
  • The addition of Mo improves resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion compared to type 308 stainless steel.
  • Designed for welding in all positions where well washed beads can be achieved with minimal weaving in 75-80% Ar/balance CO₂ shielding gas.
  • Smooth arc transfer produces minimal spatter.
  • Applications for this alloy type include fabrication or repair of cryogenic components of similar composition that require weld metal toughness to maintained at temperatures of -320ºF (-196ºC).

Standard Diameters

in (mm)
  • 0.045 (1.2)
  • 1/16 (1.6)

Welding Positions

All Positions

Shielding Gas

  • 75-80% Ar + balance CO₂
    Flow Rate: 40 – 50 CFM


Direct Current Electrode Positive (DCEP)


  • AWS A5.22
    • E316LT1-4
    • E316LT1-4J
  • Approvals
    Agency Approval Shielding Gas Diameter(s)
    in (mm)
    ABS E316LT1-4J M21 (75% Ar/25% CO₂) 0.045 (1.2)
    Shielding Gas C Cr Cu Mn Mo Ni P S Si WRC-1992 Ferrite
    75% Ar/25% CO₂ 0.02 18.6 0.16 0.84 2.39 13.3 0.02 0.01 0.54 4
    Bismuth is not intentionally added and is not known to be at levels greater than 0.002 wt%
    Typical Mechanical Properties
    Shielding Gas Tensile Strength
    ksi (MPa)
    Yield Strength
    ksi (MPa)
    WeldCondition PWHTTemp Charpy V-Notch
    -320 °F ft⋅lb (-196 °C J)
    75%Ar / 25%CO2 84 (579) 60 (414) 37 As-Welded 27

    Packaging (lbs (kg))

    33 (15) Spools, 60 (27.2) Coils, 500 (226.8) Round Drum, 800 (362.9) Hex Drum, 900 (408.2) Hex Drum

    *Some packaging options may not be available depending on diameter and product. Special package options may be available upon request.