Dale Stager,

Thank you for your interest in Select-Arc, Inc. We are proud to offer the true standard of excellence in tubular welding electrodes, utilizing the latest in manufacturing equipment and technology.

Our commitment is to set the industry standard by providing the highest quality products, the best service and most value-added to our customers. To accomplish this, we have employed a team of what we believe to be the most qualified people to design, manufacture and support our superior quality products. In fact, the quality and performance of our products are a direct result of the skill and experience of our employees.

Our unprecedented growth and success are attributed to customers’ recognition of the service, response and quality that we provide. The knowledge and experience of Select-Arc’s team will continue to ensure the performance level of today’s products and guarantee the performance level of future products.

Select-Arc offers a complete line of tubular welding electrodes, of exceptional quality, to fulfill customer needs and requirements. Our rigorous engineering and manufacturing standards ensure maximum quality in feedability, weldability and weld performance. You have my word on this.

We believe that we offer the best available quality, service and value in the industry. Try the Select line of tubular electrodes and experience for yourself why Select-Arc is, and will continue to be, “The Standard of Excellence in Tubular Welding Electrodes.”